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What is a Purse organizer use for?

Having Trouble with your messy bag and purse?

Story begins with a small Purse Organizer handmade workshop in Taiwan!

At the crack of dawn, you can still barely hear a noise of sewing machine coming out from of a house in a quiet neighborhood.  A hard-working mom has spent all night working on a U-shape box with beautiful delicate fabric. Also known as the “purse organizer”, this has started to gain its popularity among ladies and through the internet.

The clever idea came from a mother of two, also the founder of Coolgdesign workshop, who just love big purses (handbags) because she always has to carry numerous things for her children and herself, but the bigger the bags get, the harder it is for her to find things she realized. So she spent countless hours seeking for something that keep the stuff in her purse neat and organized, unfortunately, she wasn’t able to find any neat purse organizer in stores or online. So then that was the moment she decided to use some of her creative thoughts and create something on her own that would help her and help all ladies who love big purses / bags to finally have a neat purse.

The feedbacks we’ve been getting are all absolutely positive. Many of our buyers praise the idea of finally have places to put their keys, mobile phone, money and many personal items. They also love being able to find things when they need it and no longer have difficulty to dig through their purse just to find a single item. They use words like “fantastic”, “amazing”, “magical” , “neat “and “cleaver design “to describe the appreciation for this creation. Numerous office ladies told us that they have a set of different sizes for each of their purse and handbags.

We sincerely thank our customers in giving us feedback and in order to show how much we appreciate them, as well as celebrating success of the CoolgDesign workshop, we now do take special customizes orders for our valuable customers. However, due to the high volume of orders recently, it will take 7-14 days for product to get handmade special customizes orders and get shipped out from the workshop.